Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hogwarts House Bows!

Hello there!!  Pockets here with a very important question!


It is AWESOME!  The only thing that makes me a tiny bit sad is that even if I was a witch, I'm an American one so I wouldn't be going to Hogwarts.  :(  What would the American schools of Witchcraft and Wizardry be like?  Would they have similar Houses?  More?  Less?  None at all?  Now that I think of it, did Beauxbatons or Durmstrang have Houses?

Anyway, back to the important question.  I recently signed up for Pottermore and got my wand and was sorted.  I've always fancied myself a Ravenclaw since I retain knowledge pretty easily and LOVE to read; but I've never been one to apply myself or even been able to really care about furthering my education.

I took the Sorting quiz very seriously and was very disappointed to not be in Ravenclaw but am now absolutely thrilled and think it's perfect that I was put in Hufflepuff!!

Yes!  Potato! 

Anyway, since I immediately made Buttons sign up and be sorted, (Ravenclaw for her, the aspiring math teacher) I have been obsessed with all things Hufflepuff. So as a quick project we decided to make little felt bow barrettes.

One sheet of felt in both colors
Hot glue gun
Alligator clips

Start by cutting two rectangles out of your main color. I think we did our about 4 or 5 inches long and maybe 2 inches wide. You will also need two much smaller rectangles to go around the middle of the bow.

Take the large rectangle and pinch the middle of the bow to make a pleated look.

Gluing the pleat in place makes the next step easier.  Once the pleat is secured wrap the smaller rectangle around the middle and glue that in place.  We forgot to take pictures of this step.  These were so quick to make that we let a few steps slip.  :/

Once your smaller rectangle is in place glue the bow to a barrette.

Ta da!!  All done!  Miss Buttons sporting her very stylish Ravenclaw barrette.

We also did large ones on alligator clips.  The procedure is exactly the same just bigger.  We also wanted a bit of a different look so we added a stripe down the middle.  

NOTE:  For these when you are gluing to an alligator clip it has to be open or you will glue it shut.  I almost did this but luckily Buttons is a pro.

And there you have it.  Hogwarts House bows!  I've been wearing mine every day since.  :D  Now I just gotta get some other cool Hufflepuff swag.

So what houses did you guys end up in?  Any other Houses represented in bow form yet?


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