Friday, February 24, 2017

Victor Nikiforov Flower Crown and Shirt

I'm crazy for the anime Yuri on Ice.  As I've probably said a million times already.  My love for this show--and so many of the characters--has no bounds.

Recently, I'm trying to get into causal cosplay.  It's a great way to relieve stress and anxiety at work.  A simple reminder that I'm in an outfit inspired by a show/book/movie I like does wonders for my mental health.

A few weeks ago, I accidentally got a stain on a cream colored shirt.  Since the shirt was ruined anyway, I had an idea to morph it into a Victor Nikiforov casual cosplay design.

Victor wears this outfit at a competition and it's beautiful!  I wanted to try to use this as inspiration for a casual shirt that I could wear to work.

I have experimented with using gel glue with bleach to get a design on a shirt, so I researched to see if it was possible with dying too.  In theory, it works.  So I took my white shirt, and used gel glue to etch out "feather" like shapes along the front of the shirt, sloping down to the left armpit.

At the top left, I did the inverse: I colored in the diamonds to remain white and left the connecting sections open to be dyed.

I used "denim blue" dye because it was what I had on hand.

You can see how the gel glue is holding strong!

The color looked so dark, so I freaked out and pulled it from soaking after ten minutes.  I bet the color would have turned out a lot brighter if I'd pushed through that fear and just trusted the package directions.

Now, with my adorable shirt ready, I HAD to have Victor's flower crown, or something similar.

I used blue clay to craft seven tiny roses.  I followed a tutorial on Pinterest, but my flowers still turned out kinda crappy. 

They were too big to turn into a necklace, so I figured a headband would hold them pretty well.  I hot glued them to a blue headband, and then added white beads in between.

And here's the final result:

I paired it with two bracelets: one blue and white snowflakes to represent Victor's Russian snow.  The second was a blue piglet--of course to represent Victor's love for his kobuta-chan, Katsuki Yuri!


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Scooby Doo Dress

We had Spirit Week at the elementary school where I work.  For movie star day, my coworkers and I discussed possible group ideas.  We settled on Scooby Doo.  I was Velma, so I wore an assortment of orange articles of clothing--even dying a pair of stockings red/orange.

But one of my coworkers asked if I could construct a Scooby Doo dress out of fleece.  I still have a ton of fleece left in my fabric stock, so I looked to see what I could do.

I only had scraps of this brownish color, so I had to get creative with my cutting.  Using a shirt as a pattern, I cut a front and back based on this shape.

I sewed them together, right side to right side, leaving openings at the neck, arms, and bottom hem.

From there, I used the rest of the fabric to cut out two skirt panels, both slightly wider than the bottom hem of the shirt.  I sewed the two panels together along both sides, then gathered the top to match the width of the shirt.  I sewed them together, right side to right side.  Very, very easy.

Next, I took black fleece and cut out Scooby Doo spots.  In canon, he has two spots on each shoulder, and a long spot along his back.  I tired to mimic this.

Finally, I used blue fleece to cut a belt, and added on a SD tag.

My coworker decided to wear the belt as a collar instead.  It looked so cute!


Sailor Moon Crescent Wand

In January, I was so excited to hear that the Sailor Moon R Movie was being released in theaters.  A friend and I bought tickets to see the Japanese subtitled version.

I wore my Sailor Moon casual cosplay outfit, but I wanted more accessories to go with it.  I must have gotten ride of my original Moon Rod (why did I do that!?!) so I decided to try my hand at crafting one of clay.

I started with a metal skewer which I covered in aluminum foil.

Next, I made a crescent shape,

And a ball for the Imperium Silver Crystal.

I forced the skewer through the crescent,

Then impaled the crystal atop.

I covered the stick with pink clay.

Then I began to cover the crescent with yellow.  I ran out of yellow, so I filled the rest in with white.

I cooked it according to package directions.

Finally, I painted it all and added lines to the Silver Crystal.

It turned out hideous!  But I completed it in an afternoon and had it ready for the movie that night.  So, I was pretty pleased!  More clay would have solved my problems.  Now I know for next time.


Milk Pocket Skirt

A few weeks ago I discovered a new fabric store called Bolts and More.  (It's right next to one of my favorite restaurants: New Mexican Grill.)

Anyway, I was delighted to see a new fabric store, so I eagerly went inside to explore.  They had an amazingly beautiful selection.  Of course, most were way out of my price range.  Still, I found a fat quarter in this pattern and nearly flipped:

I loved it so much!  But fat quarters were all I could afford at the time, so I envisioned a bulky brown skirt with milk bottle pockets.

Fast forward to last weekend.  While at Goodwill looking for some casual cosplay accessories, I found two perfect brown pillowcases ($0.99 for both!) and knew they were exactly what I needed to complete my bulky brown skirt with milk pockets.

I cut off both ends of the pillowcases, which gave me about a yard of fabric!  Not bad for $0.99!

I kept the width at the bottom and trimmed each top to half my waist measurement plus an inch seam allowance.

I sewed the pieces together, right side to right side.  Then I sewed up the bottom and top hems, and added an elastic band for the waist.

I cut my milk fat quarters into long rectangles and sewed them vertically onto the skirt.

I love this skirt!  It so comfy and beautiful!  Apparently it also makes me look like a pre-school teacher.  *LOL*


Thursday, December 22, 2016

Phichit Chulanont Hamster Hats

The season finale of Yuri on Ice left me with many different emotions: happiness, contentedness, a bit of disappointment, hope for the next level.  But above all others: inspiration!

There is so much about this show that is praiseworthy.  The plot (and plot twists), the animation, the relateable characters, the healthy relationships.  This anime was a powerhouse from start to finish.  It's been a long time since something struck me so deeply.

In the finale, we got a peek into many of the skaters' minds as they performed.  I think I speak for the entire fandom when I say how sweet and perfect Phichit's inner monologue was.  He's such a bright ray of sunshine.  Optimistic.  Confident.  A skilled skater with a ton of potential.  I think the world needs more Phichits to brighten up the day!  His dream of having a skate show because he wants "everyone in Thailand to know how fun figure skating is" can't get anymore beautiful!

And those costumes!  So over the top!  I adore everything about that idea, and would love to see this in an OVA!

Moving on.  Phichit's imagination made me start thinking about the adorable hamster hats, and how easy they would be to make.  Of course, my version goes for ease over 100% correctness, so there are a few modifications from the ones the skaters wear in the ice show.

First, I started out with this template.  I've used it several times for many projects and love how functional and customizable it is.

I traced it onto a bronzeish-brown fleece fabric.

Then I cut two white rectangles for the cheeks of the hamster.

Next, I cut out two rounded pieces in brown for the ears.

They need to be folded over like this.

Then I added a white part in the center.

I used a blanket stitch to put them together.

I sandwiched the ears in between the two brown hat pieces and sewed both sides of the seam.

After that, I stitched shut the V on the top.

Next, I sewed the white rectangles together, right side to right side, along both short edges to form a band.

 I folded the band in half then sewed it to the brown part, right side to right side.

Since the hats are small (and my head is tiny), I folded the brim up.  This gave it a cuter, fluffier look.

Next, I got a piece of white fleece and sewed a line down the middle for teeth.

I cut out a nose and two eyes (and two white eye shimmers).

To save time and energy, I used a hot glue gun to attached all the added details.

And it's finished!  It took me about an hour!