Saturday, August 2, 2014

Ridiculous Craft: Mario ? Box Doorstop

I did a silly thing today guys.  I was cleaning my sewing room (photos to come) and my poorly hung door kept swinging partly closed.  And it drove. Me. Insane!

Tangent: I went to party city with Betty the Bakeress (Button's and my sister-in-law-ish) because she wanted to bring a gift basket in to work for a co-worker, she's so thoughtful.  And I saw some Super Mario Bros tin candy containers.  I've had a power-up mushroom for ages and so couldn't resist getting the 1-up mushroom, the star, and a ? box.  I have plans in mind for something awesome with the mushrooms but I didn't have any specific purpose for the star or 1-up box.

So today when I was cleaning and realized I needed a doorstop I decided it would be a perfect ridiculous/temporary craft for the ? box.  Making a doorstop this way seriously is so easy I feel a bit silly posting about it but here goes.


Hollow item of your choice

You have the extensive list of mats?  :D

Put the pennies in the hollow item.  Since I did just want kind of a temporary solution I didn't want to use sand.  I figured it would leak all over the place and also I just didn't have any.


Now just find a poorly hung door and voila!

So easy it's not even a legitimate craft, kind of like this recipe (hilarious comments FTW) but it sure looks ADORABLE as my doorstop.  :D  

One big plus to this "craft" is that the possibilities are almost endless.  Sally forth and make doorstops my friends!!

UPDATE: OMG guys!!  I just had a stroke of brilliance!  Additional materials: Thumbtack, plastic quilt thread.

I tied the quilting thread around a thumbtack and then looped the thread around the ? box a few times and hung it from the ceiling!!!  I am immensely pleased with it!  Much more legitimate this way.  Let's see how long I resist punching it.  :D


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