Sunday, February 28, 2016

Pleated Cherry Skirt

I bought these two printed cotton fabrics at Walmart in the remnant bin ages ago. I liked the way they looked together and I envisioned a cherry skirt!

I started by cutting panels, since I thought it would look cute to alternate between the red and the blue fabrics.

I measured from my waist to about mid-thigh to get the length. For the width, I think I just guesstimated and cut. With a plethora of panels, I wasn't concerned about the width.

I sewed them together (five panels of each color).

And. I. Hated. It.

It's been sitting on my craft table for about six months. Then yesterday, I saw it and thought about finishing it. That was when inspiration struck! Since I hated the way it looked side-by-side, I thought it would a great alternative to turn the red panels into mostly-hidden pleats!

What a prefect idea! I loved the way it looked!

Unfortunalty, my width became a factor when I took away half of it. Because of this, I had to rip my seam and sew in two additional panels (one blue and one red). With this addition, I figured it would be a better idea to just add in a zipper, since the width was nearly exact with my waist.

First, I pinned the pleats in place and sewed along the top seam.

Then I cut a long strip--a little bit longer than my waist measurement.

I folded it in half and sewed it to itself, wrong side to wrong side, to create a wasitband for the top of the skirt.

I sewed it down, beginning in the front and circling to the back left. I stopped an inch from the exact back. Then I repeated on the right, stitching from the front to the back, again, stopping before I got to the end. This was to ensure I had a slit for adding in the zipper.

(This is the back of the strip, neither side being sewn down at the moment)

Adding in the zipper was tricky. I slit an opening down the middle back blue panel. I sewed (very poorly) the zipper into that opening.

Next, I thought it would look cute and fruity to add a green bias tape edge along the bottom hem.

I sewed it down, ironed, and viola!

(This shirt doesn't match very well, and I was having a bad hair day.)

I love the way it turned out! It's super cute!


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