Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hogwarts House Scarf and Hat

Pockets is a very proud Hufflepuff, but it's hard to find nice Harry Potter things that aren't Gryffindor.  So, we're always on the look out for things we can make into Hufflepuff things (and Ravenclaw for me).  While at JoAnn a few days ago, I found a really cute gold and black argyle fleece.  And since I'm going to crazy making fleece hats, I'm enjoying working with the material.  And I thought it would be awesome to make Pockets a Hufflepuff hat and scarf!

So, the first thing I did was determine if I wanted the argyle diamonds to be horizontal or vertical:



I decided that the vertical looked better, having the diamond's long points be up and down.  Then I had to decide if I wanted it to have two full gold diamonds, or two full black diamonds.



I decided to go with the black.

I cut out two strips (the fabric was 60 inches wide).

Then I lined up where the diamonds met, and trimmed both edges.  Using clear quilting thread, I sewed the two edges together.

The seam is hardly noticeable!

Now, for the hat, I traced the pattern, again with the diamonds going vertically.

You cut a front and a back piece, then sew up the sides, right side to right side (see a more detailed tutorial on that here).  I left about an inch or an inch and half undone at the bottom, because I wanted to sew that seam on the outside, and fold up the brim.

Turn it ninety degrees, and sew up the little V that's still open.

This is the outside of the brim, with the seam on the inside.  (Does that make sense?)

And the final product:

It turned out so cute!  She really loved it when I gave it to her!

(This is me, trying it on.  I only wish they had the blue and bronze of Ravenclaw, and I'd made myself a set!)


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