Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Radial Symmetry: Night Vale Style

I finally got around to listening to the podcast Welcome to Night Vale... and I fell in love instantly!  

Welcome to Night Vale is a podcast done up like a radio broadcast from a fictional city where the paranormal is commonplace.  It's super hilarious and cute.  I can't get enough of it, and its dashing and sexy-sounding narrator, Cecil Gershwin Palmer--voiced by Cecil Baldwin.  

(Artwork by Viara (on Tumblr))

So, I decided I wanted to try another version of the radial symmetry project I did with the kids in art class last month.  But this time, I used Night Vale (and it's rival city, Desert Bluffs) for my muse.

For the last project, the art teacher was kind enough to give me the special, fancy paper the kids were using.  But for this one, I had to settle for simple cardstock.  This means it's neither as big--nor as fancy--as the previous project.  Also, I used color pencils instead of paint because I didn't trust my painting skills to get the details right.

First, I created a square on the cardstock, measuring 8.5 inches down the long side and cutting that off--giving me a prefect 8.5x8.5 inch square.  From there, I marked each side at the 4.25 inch mark, and connected the lines vertically and horizontally.  Then, I connected the corners to the center.  Super easy!  Since I didn't have a compass for making it a perfect circle, I settled for connecting the wedges with a straight line.


Then I made my templates.  I created a Night Vale inspired wedge from the podcast's logo:



And I created another wedge inspired by Desert Bluffs (which has its own logo from a bonus episode... 19B "The Sandstorm").



I copied the templates onto the paper (using this method), in an alternating pattern.


Then I picked my color scheme.  Night Vale is all in shades of purple, and Desert Bluffs in shades of yellow.  The yellows didn't look too good, so I went with oranges--which also added to the symmetry of the piece, as orange and purple are complimentary colors!


I colored them in with only three shades apiece.




I absolutely love this, and I can't wait to find some way to frame it on my wall!

On a side note, Pockets and I are planning on cosplaying as Cecil and his double, Kevin--from Desert Bluffs--for the Phoenix Comicon in May.  More on that story as it develops.

And as always.  Good night, Night Vale.  Good night.


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