Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Dress into a Tunic

I got this dress for about $5 at Goodwill this past weekend.  When I saw it, I loved the print and the colors, but didn't like the plain, A-line look.  So I instantly had the idea to turn it into a slitted tunic.

First thing I did was cut the length to my thigh.

Next, I measured about how far on either side I wanted the slit to go up.  I sliced about 14 inches.

I folded each side of the slit in twice and sewed it down.  It's not the prettiest seam--I should have looked at more tutorials on how to do this before I actually did it.  Either way, it got the job done.

Lastly, I folded up the raw bottom hem twice and sewed it down.

This got tricky.  The seam on the edge was longer--maybe I should have hemmed the bottom first?  So I had to tuck it in and sew it down.

This made it rather thick, but my machine when through it just fine.

And you're done!

I paired it with a dark gray skirt.  It looks wonderful!


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