Sunday, August 14, 2016

Pokeball Cookies

I've been wanting to make pokeball cookies for awhile.  With a class full of kids, now seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Typically when I dip cookies, I use Oreos.  But for the pokeballs, I wanted to have them be a bit bigger so I could get the details easier.  Instead of Oreos, I used Chips Ahoy Thin chocolate chip cookies.  Personally, while I think the Oreos taste better dipped in white chocolate, the finished product I had was sill very delicious!

First, I heated a whole bag of Wilton white chocolate melts.  I wound up adding 2 tbps of olive oil to dilute it.  It was still too thick.

I dipped half the cookie into the chocolate and put it on wax paper to set.

Once I was finished with all the unbroken cookies, I spooned the rest of the white chocolate into a piping bag and piped white circles for the Pokeball's release button.

When the white chocolate was set, I dipped the other half in Wilton red melts.

Next, I melted about a half a cup of semisweet chocolate chips inside a piping bag.

With them melted, I piped a line between the red and white chocolate, adding a small circle in the middle.

While it was still wet, I placed one of the white circles on top.

They turned out adorable!  And they were very easy to make!  I hope the kids enjoy them!


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