Sunday, February 19, 2017

Scooby Doo Dress

We had Spirit Week at the elementary school where I work.  For movie star day, my coworkers and I discussed possible group ideas.  We settled on Scooby Doo.  I was Velma, so I wore an assortment of orange articles of clothing--even dying a pair of stockings red/orange.

But one of my coworkers asked if I could construct a Scooby Doo dress out of fleece.  I still have a ton of fleece left in my fabric stock, so I looked to see what I could do.

I only had scraps of this brownish color, so I had to get creative with my cutting.  Using a shirt as a pattern, I cut a front and back based on this shape.

I sewed them together, right side to right side, leaving openings at the neck, arms, and bottom hem.

From there, I used the rest of the fabric to cut out two skirt panels, both slightly wider than the bottom hem of the shirt.  I sewed the two panels together along both sides, then gathered the top to match the width of the shirt.  I sewed them together, right side to right side.  Very, very easy.

Next, I took black fleece and cut out Scooby Doo spots.  In canon, he has two spots on each shoulder, and a long spot along his back.  I tired to mimic this.

Finally, I used blue fleece to cut a belt, and added on a SD tag.

My coworker decided to wear the belt as a collar instead.  It looked so cute!


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