Sunday, July 27, 2014

Painted Canvases with Dots and Hearts!

Pockets here!  I've been a bit AWOL lately due to my insane sudden reading obsession.  *chagrined face*  Life has been so busy for poor Buttons also, that we haven't really had a chance to get together and craft.  But lucky for you this evening the desire to put my art supplies to good use hit me.

I bought some canvas, paint, and circular sponges a while back intending to make some art for my guest bathroom.  I've seen all kinds of dot art on pinterest but wanted to put my own twist on it.  I LOVE hearts.  So I also bought some cardstock hearts.  The plan being to put the hearts on the canvas, paint dots around it, and remove the heart for a negative space piece.  Here's the supplies I used.

Acrylic paint - any color combinations/amount of colors that you want.
Brushes - I bought these Martha Stewart circular sponges because I have no idea how else to get perfectly round shapes, didn't want to make a bunch of circles by hand.
Cardstock in any shape - There were a few options I debated, like tulips and stars
Paper plates and paper bag for paint pallet and floor protection.

I didn't adhere the hearts to the canvas in any way.  Obviously I couldn't tape it because it would block the paint.  I also wanted it flush against the canvas itself so that too much paint wouldn't leak under.  So I just was very careful and held the heart in place as I sponged.  Once you get one or two on the canvas and the heart it pretty much holds itself.

I learned on my second canvas (which I think turned out better) to start with the largest circle and work my way down in size.  I also only used four out of the six sponges.

That's pretty much it.  Remove the hearts once it's reasonably dry.  They came up pretty easy and Porp the BF made me feel better by saying he could totally tell it was a heart outline.  This project was not difficult at all and totally satisfied my crafting craving.  Dot placement was very creatively satisfying!!

Now I just have to hang them and hope they match my green bathroom walls!  Any other ideas for dot art?  We'd love to hear about them!!


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